We ship our extra virgin olive oil in Europe and North America!

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A sustainable way of buying and consuming that starts with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Olio extravergine 100% italiano, orcio in ceramica Fonte Torre

A single product


Together we will reduce the waste production

With the empty return option, you receive a € 3 discount for each bottle returned! Is simple:

1) select the "empty withdrowal" option (only for italian market) at the time of a new purchase, if you have empty "Fonte Torre" ceramic jars

2) put the empty jars back in their original packaging and seal it with adhesive tape or with the closing labels provided by Fonte Torre

3) upon delivery of the new order, the deliveryman will collect the package prepared by you with the empty bottles

4) you will receive a discount coupon equal to € 3 for each returned jar, for example for six returned jars the discount voucher will be equal to € 18!

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Italian extra virgin olive oil, Pack 6 ceramic jars 750 ml
Orci olio extravergine di oliva italiano Fonte Torre
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Olio buono. Bottiglia in ceramica fa la sua figura! Spedizione super veloce mercoledì aquisto e giovedì a casa! Comunicazione ottima


Mi è piaciuto l'olio il sapore è deciso essendo umbro


E' un extravergine molto profumato, la bottiglia in ceramica protegge l'olio dalla luce e dagli sbalzi termici della cucina, quindi si conserva meglio



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