Our Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from olives of the Moraiolo variety, for the most part, Leccino and Frantoio, in smaller proportions.


The Moraiolo variety gives the oil special characteristics; it is one of the varieties with the highest polyphenol content, a very important substance for human health.

The olives from our olive groves are picked directly from the tree between October and November, when they start to change colour from green to black and have the highest content of health-promoting compounds. Once they arrive at the mill, they are milled within 12 hours of harvesting to avoid spoilage that could lead to defects in the final product. The extraction method we use is the continuous cold extraction system in which the temperature of kneading does not exceed 27° C, so that the organoleptic qualities are not altered, to the benefit of the final quality of the oil.


All these precautions allow us to obtain an oil with very low free acidity (much lower than the limits set by the EU for Extra Virgin), a very low number of peroxides and no taste or smell defects.


Our oil has special gastronomic characteristics: it is fruity with bitter and spicy notes that on the whole do not clash, but rather make it harmonious with any dish.


Olio extravergine "Fonte Torre" su tavola imbandita con bruschette e salumi tipici Umbri